Release: Go

Released: 1 June 2018

Track Listing

  1. Go

A sprawling five-and-a-half-minute alt-lullaby, sung entirely in falsetto, with filthy beats, ghostly orchestra, 1990’s synths, 1920’s synths (that’ll be the Theremin, invented in 1919) and of course, I haven’t neglected to plaster those lush Post-Rock guitars you’ve come to know me for all over it.


And there’s his name on the ballot
Oh and he wins every single time, oh
He’s like the fixed stars, unchanging
long dead but still governing the show

He never asks if I want it
I must have signed something long ago
And now I’m doing his bidding
It’s foregone

So go, go, go. Go, go.
You’ve not a hope, so go.

I’m only happy in redshift
Increase the strain – they’re like dominos
It doesn’t take long to change them
I get a month before the veto

Can we reboot it
Can we wipe it clean, pure as the driven snow
The windows clear in their sockets
Switch it on

So go.
You’ve not a hope, so go.