Release: Damage

Damage (Single)
Released: 22 March 2016

Track Listing

  1. Damage


“This is lush downtempo. Deep and soulful.”

– Yes Ma’am Blog

“Unusual, imaginative, deliciously melodic as always and infuriatingly addictive. Love, love, love.”

– Under the Radar

“Only a few submissions out of thousands really impress: This is a real good song.”

– Indie Castle

“Think Justin Timberlake backed by Sigur Ros.”

– New In The House

“Rhythmic post-rock potent with expressive beats and soulful vocals. This is London’s Memory Flowers creating a perfect and unforgettable composition titled Damage that will have you dancing.”

– Diamond Deposits

“Damage sees the band deliver powerful lyrics, energetic vocals and an electrifying melody.”

– Oceanic Blue