Release: Atoms

Memory Flowers - Atoms
Released: 30 January 2017

Track Listing

  1. Atoms

A love letter to the universe and everything within.


“Memory Flowers put together some great musical atoms to create this gem. Atoms is a beautiful song.”

– Indie Pop-Ups

“I find myself drawn back to it (repeat, repeat, repeat) because I can’t quite draw comparisons to it…and it’s beautiful. With those gentle opening lines we are ushered through the pearly gates of pop heaven.”

– On Repeat with Swoonoo Allen

“Memory Flowers have found a particularly narrow niche between a whole host of unlikely bed fellow genres and, well, it works. Somehow it works, even with the uplifting crescendo ending that just shouldn’t. This must be some kind of black magic or witch craft… But I like it.”

– Listen With Monger