We shot a video on Wednesday

The new song is done but today I decided that eight layers of backing vocals on the chorus wasn’t enough – it had to be ten. My falsetto is wicked when I’ve got a cold.

Then I questioned whether my soaring post-rock guitars were soary enough; there were only four of them after all. So I made it six. Rest assured reverb was used.

It came to my attention that my post-punk guitars in the middle 8 weren’t dirty enough. I mean, if you’re gonna do post-punk guitars they gotta be filthy, right?

This was rectified. I detuned them. Keep calm.

A few extra wonky noises. A siren.

We shot the video on Wednesday this week. Editing Wednesday next week. We’re a Wednesday gang.

I am excited.

OK, Netflix now. I’m sure there’s some straight-to-video thriller starring William Baldwin I haven’t seen yet. Bye.