New Single MATRIARCH Out Now

Hello everybody. The new single ‘Matriarch’ is out now. You can stream it here on the website or download it on Bandcamp: It was the fruit of a “Song-in-7-Days Challenge”; write, record, produce, mix, master, artwork, and release. All in 7 days. This meant I couldn’t be OCD and tweak the mix endlessly. Let me […]

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Your Atoms Go Back In The Pot

Atoms Video BTS

Oh boy, it’s that magical time once again! A brand new Memory Flowers video is now deep in production. Today we’re in Arnos Park filming scenes for the Atoms video. You can expect to experience the final product in a couple of weeks, but for now why not acquaint yourself with the song it accompanies? […]

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Nothing is forever. Except atoms.

Andy Tori Amos

A fitting quote from Dannika Dark’s Gravity; a fine read for any sci-fi fantasy fans out there. And what better way to help us count down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the release of “Atoms”? Today marks a mere five Earth rotations until the latest Memory Flowers single is bestowed upon the universe. […]

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Mastering “Atoms” at Air Studios

John Webber Air Studios

No Memory Flowers single (or album) is complete without a thorough John Webber mastering session at the one and only AIR Studios! Naturally, Atoms is of course no exception to this rule. You can grab your copy of Atoms on January 30th. Now, which Limiter to go for… Sonnox Oxford or Slate Digital LLC?

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The First “Atoms” Reviews Are In

Atoms Review

A couple days ago we announced that you could hear Atoms a whopping two weeks early in return for an honest review, and would you believe we’ve had a few takers on that offer! At present, we’ve had four reviews posted to the Subba Cultcha page, and one independent blog… In addition to plenty of […]

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Hear “Atoms” Before Anybody Else

Memory Flowers - Atoms

Want to hear the all new single – Atoms – a full two weeks early? This exclusive opportunity is normally reserved for music reviewers, but today YOU can be just that, thanks to Subba Cultcha… works slightly differently to other music reviews sites whereby everyone can write reviews of the music they love. We […]

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Damage Video Now Available!

Damage Video

You’ve waited long enough, the Damage video is hereby available to watch! Go and check it out on our videos page! Don’t forget to come over to Twitter / Facebook and let us know your thoughts. We’re a narcissistic bunch, really. Though, seriously, big thanks to Grizzly Visuals. We couldn’t ask for a better video. […]

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We shot a video on Wednesday

Grizzly Visuals

The new song is done but today I decided that eight layers of backing vocals on the chorus wasn’t enough – it had to be ten. My falsetto is wicked when I’ve got a cold. Then I questioned whether my soaring post-rock guitars were soary enough; there were only four of them after all. So […]

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